7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have a Blog

Every business should have a blog. Here are 7 reasons why:

  1. Create more leads – Customers will feel better about your business after reading content on your website and blog. The more relevant content you post on it, the more leads you will create.
  2. Content can be easily shared – You will have content readily available that both you and your customers can easily share on social media and link back to your site. This automatically helps with your Search Engine Optimization as well.
  3. SEO – There is no point in having an amazing website if no one can find it. By regularly posting content on your blog, you will start generating organic traffic and improve your search engine ranking.
  4. Build a relationship with your customers – Ties to reason #1 as customers seeking information will feel comfortable getting it directly from your blog. They appreciate the fact that not only are you selling the product or service but also informing them about it. Plus, what better place to get feedback and communicate with your clients than your online home base? Facebook and Twitter comments will come and go, website interaction is more permanent.
  5. People are running the show – One of our favorite reasons for having a blog is because it shows your personal touch of business. Show your customers there are real people behind the scenes and increase their trust in you. It is human nature to like a personal touch, for example addressing each person by their name rather than sending automatic replies to all emails etc.
  6. Blogs are cost-effective – While it will cost you next to nothing to start a blog for your business, your blog will become a huge asset as each and every single post adds up to the initial value. You will not regret this decision on the long run.
  7. Establish yourself as an industry expert – If you are consistently creating content that your customers find helpful, you will establish yourself as an authority in their eyes.

While it may seem that blogging does not have an immediate impact on your business, it does have long term benefits from generating traffic to promoting goodwill with customers and prospects. Yes, it takes some time and effort but the overall benefits are well worth it.

How to be Real in Multi-level Marketing?

One of the biggest turn-offs for prospects is the major lack of authenticity of the multi-level marketing content that is published. The stale “air” of false helpfulness can and will drive people away from your website. This means that if you’re not transparent or offer true value in your written content. You will turn off many prospects. It is easy to get super excited to run a Mlm business and that is groovy, but if you don’t have the “real” effect, then a problem will arise.

The intention in Multi-level marketing is not enough, even if it is “real,” it must be transparent in everything that you create. It’s about the physical evidence that you present as to why your opportunity is the only option. So how do you be “real” in your Mlm business?

The realities of Multi-level marketing and the cultivation of realism

Multi-level marketing is a business, and it is one that requires people and sales. Pretending to be overly friendly in content or in person will only hurt your reputation. Hiding details or not knowing enough to answer in detail is a real killer as well. If you’re honest in what you say, write and publish, you will be fine. At this point, your more real than many efforts. You cannot fake it in marketing, you must have your ducks in line to gain the attention that you want for your business.

Research and craft original content that has “your” voice and style in it. People are receptive to content that is “real” in these two elements alone. The details that you write are very important as well, especially on a topic that has been tapped by thousands of others. The basic laws of marketing require you to differentiate yourself from the pack. By creating marketing content that is in tune with your audience and not bloated by unnecessary schemes. You can achieve success and realism beyond measure. Keeping yourself true should guide your content development and processes. Thus, allowing trust and authority among your prospects.

Keep the faith that you’re going to have a business, but you must work at it. It won’t magically appear, no matter how hard you wish for it too. Fresh and relevant content that is informational will do better than fluffy content that looks like a marshmallow. This will increase your skills as a researcher, writer, and marketer by two-fold at least. Do not forget to cite reliable sources and even use a quote as well. This is a common tactic that is very useful and readers appreciate additional resources.

How Long Has It Taken You To Earn What You Earn?

One of the most common questions from people who want to make money online is “How long does it take to earn money” Or “how long does it take to go fulltime online?” Personally it too me several months. It actually too me close to a year before I actually got a handle on what I was doing and two years is when I really was making money online. You may think that two years is a long time right? Wrong completly wrong.

Lets just say that you are working at a job for ten years making 60k. Well it has taken you a full 10 years to get to 60k. Also if you work for another 10 you might even reach 70k or even 80k. Big deal. Thats 10 years of your life.

What if you took one year and invested in yourself with an online business what do you think you could accomplish? I would say if you worked at it consistently you could accomplish big things. What if you spent four years working for yourself online instead of going to school? Keep in mind that when you do get out of school that degree might be useless. So the next time you ask someone how long it took think of your own situation and how long it took. If you are 40 and making 40k a year you have spent 40 years of your life making 40k a year.

Why not take sometime for yourself and see what you can accomplish in 6 months a year or 5 years. Working for yourself can be done.

I have to be honest with you though working for yourself can be tough. You will need to have a very very stong desire to succeed and you ned to have patience. There where many times where I wanted to give up because I wasn’t seeing any progress. But then becuse I was consistent with it everyday I started seeing results. Once I started seeing results I knew that making money online and owning my own business was possible. Also having the right training helps too.

Role of Internet in Buying And Selling Homes!

Most of us have are dreamers and we dream of getting so many things but the most common dream we all possess is owning a home. Once we are ready to buy a home next thing to consider is how to approach the activity. As most of us are first time buyers so we have little or no experience of the process. This can be a tedious process for some of us and it is always good to take some expert advice of a professional or from some friend or relative who has some experience of buying and selling homes. Another thing you can do is to hire some professional and let him handle the things for you. Another thing that can help is technology i.e. doing some research on the internet can be of great help. Cosby high school homes for sale are just a click away. There are lots of websites available these websites featuring homes have listings from different countries, options to give ads, to find homes for rent, easy finance options, and options for maintaining accounts online. Market trends can also be checked online, check out the mortgage rates, and one can also find out the worth of its own property.

Buying and selling homes is not an easy process. As we discussed most of us are first time buyers so for most of us it is impossible to be aware of the trends of the market and how to advertise his property or house. Thanks to the technology, with the help of internet buying and selling property, has become easy now.

Most of the websites do not charge anything for listingthe advertising and the property listings remain there for a year or till the advertiser removes it by himself. Paid options are also available to upgrade the listing to a featured advertisement. Featured listings are comparatively easy to view as they usually run either on the home or the listings page. Also, the paid property ads are displayed higher than the non-paid ones.

So now we can say with the help of technology It is now easy to find property listings, sell homes, and view rental apartments. One can also check the worth of a particular home by pinning in the zip code and the location of the home. One can choose between single home, Flats, and a townhouse.

Not only these sites provide information on Cosby high school homes for sale, one can also take expert advice from these seasoned real estate agents. They have corporate level tie-ups with developers and sellers they ensure that customers get the best possible deal and true and latest information on the property. These websites give you the option of live chat with professionals to get some tips on buying or selling the property not only that but you can call on toll-free numbers to get important information. One can also take some tips from these professionals online during a live chat or by calling their toll-free number.

Build Multiple Sources of Income to Create Your Own Economy

If you intend to build multiple sources of income in order to create your own economy you will have to change your programme. You will have to learn to work smart not hard. Develop a positive image, have definite demands that will get you definite results.

Get into a creative state in order to bring income up to meet your standard of living, build multiple sources of income so that money becomes a medium. It’s not about how much money you have but how you use it,how you spend your days doing what you love to do.

You can never change things by fighting the existing reality. Invest in yourself, to change something build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete .Invest time and money in yourself. There are two things you have to know to create wealth. ( 1) where you are (2) where you are going. Change the paradigms or nothing changes.

What are paradigms? you may ask, paradigms are multiple habits, other peoples habits that are passed on from one generation to another. Paradigms control our logic, success, time, creativity, happiness and our ability to earn money.

Can I change my paradigms?…..The answer is YES!! Begin to think, when you have hope you have options ,you have to be willing and able to change your paradigms to be able to shape your future.

By becoming connected you can enjoy multiple sources of income. Focus all your energy on your dream, dream big, build a profitable business by overcoming all challenges that you may face. Don’t procrastinate, get focused and take massive action. If you take these on board you will get out of debt and be more content.

What do you focus your attention on? If you wrap your mind around your goal, by visualising and focusing on your goals at night before you sleep and also focus on your goal first thing in the morning. Be clear what you want, focus on opportunity, identify a structure and follow it.

Focus on what you want, put it into action by taking the first step. What steps are you going to take to move your goal forward?

Desire for something greater in your life. Don’t follow the masses, give yourself a command and follow it. Build the dream and plant it in your heart. Keep feeding your dream, decide what you really want to do. Make a decision and your actions will change your results.

5 Reasons Why You’re Not Having Success With Affiliate Marketing

If you have started an online business as an Affiliate Marketer but you are not having the success you would like its possible one or more of the 6 reasons below is the problem.

1) No Plan. There are a few basics at the start that you need to know that will keep you on track. Things such as your weekly work schedule, your advertising budget, your desired income. When you have a plan for things like these then you have a plan you can stick to and stay on track with.

2) Not Putting The Effort In. Because Affiliate Marketing is essentially an online business people seem to have this perception that it requires not much effort, that it requires just clicking a few buttons. Well unfortunately its like any other business, it requires persistent effort on a regular basis.

3) Not knowing Who Your Customer. This ones a biggy and bizarrely the one most people neglect. Knowing who your customer is, is the most important thing you can learn because from this you will end up knowing what they want to buy and when you know this, wait for it, you will know what to sell to them.

4) No Focused. This reason can stem from the first one of not having a plan but it can also be when people are constantly changing what they are doing. It could be the products they are promoting, it could be the advertising they implement or it might even be the actual market they have chosen.

Jumping from one thing to the next, never giving themselves or it any time to work and always thinking the grass is greener is a recipe for failure.

5) Doing Too Much Work. There is a tendency to put too much effort in, to try and do everything, especially at the start. This problem can stem from not sticking to a plan and not being focused.

Often as you work your business something new will catch your eye such as new way to advertise or a another product to promote and they may be excellent things to pursue but you cant do it all. If you do then all that will happen is you spread yourself too thin and become mediocre at everything

Single Moms Help Programs to Improve Their Financial Status

A recent study reveals that most single mothers all over the world face difficulties in fulfilling the needs of their children and families due to weak economical conditions. In order to solve this problem, many states in US offer several types of schemes for them to plan future life according to needs. They are suitable one for improving living standards to lead a problem less life. Mississippi assistance for single moms primarily aim at better housing, food, health care, medical and other features to overcome hurdles.

However, it involves different programs which are mainly meant for low income families to reduce financial burden at difficult situations. Buying nutritious foods are not an easy one these days because of high prices. A SNAP program is designed for this purpose to buy all types of products from retail stores anytime. This will be extremely useful for nourishing the conditions of children, pregnant women and physically disabled persons to a wider extent. The primary objective of single mother grants in Mississippi is to ensure financial stability considerably for accomplishing goals.

Medicaid and CHIP schemes available in the Mississippi state can be utilized for health and medical purposes. There are several websites that provide details on how to get financial help for single mothers in Mississippi easily. The head start, early start program and child care subsidy programs are widely followed in the state to gain major benefits. Head start program is designed for the kids whose age range from 3 to 5. Early start program is an ideal one for infants, pregnant women and toddlers. A child care subsidy is entitled to pay fees and taking care of a kid when attending a school.

The process of getting quality accommodation in Mississippi is really a hard task and requires proper guidelines. Housing assistance for single mothers in Mississippi focuses on finding housing units with modern features. It involves a voucher system and the housing department will pay the rents on behalf of single mothers. Exclusive training programs are available for them to get jobs in various sectors. At the same time, it is necessary to know the eligibility and other prerequisites before applying for the loans. Latest updates about services can be collected from online for getting ideas quickly.

Mississippi State offers energy programs for single mothers to pay heating and cooling bills without any difficulties. Single moms Mississippi help programs make feasible ways for living a peaceful and happy life by reducing the burden in life. Some even cover transportation costs for single mothers to save money on travel expenses. It is essential to make a complete research on them for selecting a right program. Tax credits are given on these programs to single mothers while filing the returns. On the other hand, it depends on the income and number of children. Children who are below the age of 18 are largely benefited by the schemes to ensure a bright future

Reverse Electroplating Guide For Gold Recovery

I’ve done a great deal of research and have found out that many people are seeking the knowledge about reverse electroplating. There seem to be many videos, and forums that seem to just not understand how little the novice chemist knows about the many small details that it takes it get the desired results.

Reverse electroplating for gold recovery is designed with the hobbyist or small-scale recycler in mind. It is small, portable, easy to manufacture, assemble, simple to operate, requires minimal storage space, and is inexpensive compared to other commercial reverse electroplating processes available. While the unit may be small, its performance delivers volumes in recovery possibilities at phenomenal speed. This technic is capable of processing up to 1/8-pound of metallic, gold-plated materials at one time, and up to 3-pounds of material per session. Simply load the gold-plated materials to be de-plated, into the anode or copper basket, submerge it into the electrolyte solution. Across the anode basket is the stainless steel or lead cathode. Next, connect the battery charger leads, and watch the reaction commence. After several minutes, remove, rinse and discard the de-plated items, reload the anode basket, and begin the process anew. In most cases the stripping action is complete in less than a minute or so. The process digests very little of the base metals copper, tin, lead, and nickel. This thusly allows you the choice to sales of the remaining material to your local salvage yard.

When reverse electroplating gold, items are placed into a one chemical electrolyte, or drain opener containing concentrated sulfuric acid, which is easily obtainable from local sources. To operate a common manual automobile battery charger is used. This process is specifically designed to recover gold-plating from gold-plated, gold-filled or rolled-gold jewelry, necklaces, rings, gold-plated computer pins, hardware, gold-plated flat-ware, gold-plated eyeglass frames, and virtually any gold-plated metallic object. This method does not allow for recycling of the electrolytic solution. The cost of the electrolyte for each session is approximately $8.00 per 1-quart batch so when you consider that if you run 3-pounds of gold-plated pins or jewelry per session you will recovery upwards of $400.00 worth of gold, making the cost of the electrolyte trivial.

Testing Your Materials

A word of warning; be extremely cautious when acquiring gold-plated jewelry. If the jewelry is marked “Gold Tone”, “Toned Gold” or “Monet”, do not use it. It is not gold but rather a plating process called “Zinc Clad”. Running this material with the true gold-plated, rolled-gold, or gold-filled materials will cause recovery problems and will contaminate the final recovery product. If you are going to strip jewelry, I strongly suggest using a gold testing kit to insure proper recovery.

Getting Started

Set your system up, on a small table, in a ventilated area, outdoors. The fumes that emanate from this system can be foul. It is Sulphur based, and you know how that can be. Use newspaper and plastic under the system to catch small drips, spills, and discard it after each use. Wear disposable rubber gloves, and safety glasses. After the process is done and all the gold is removed from the item, have two 5-gallon buckets available. One with a mixture of hot water and sodium bicarbonate, or common baking soda, and the other with 4 gallons of tap water. Pour the solution slowly into the plain tap water bucket with the 4 gallons, and let sit for 24 hours. This allows the black gold to settle and seperate from the electrolyte solution. pour off the water as much as possiable without distrubing the black gold residue in the bottom of the bucket. Repeat this process 4 times, but only add 2 quarts of tap water to the bucket with the black residue in the bottom. Now pour the waste water into the other bucket, and use one box of baking soda to 5-gallons of water, and add a mixture of hot water and dish soap to neutralize the acid. If any electrolyte is spilled or comes in contact with your clothing or skin, immediately neutralize with the hot water sodium bicarbonate solution, and rinse with the hot water dish soap mixture. Never allow water, rain, perspiration, etc. to drip into the electrolyte. If water is poured into any acid a violent reaction will occur. There’s an old saying amongst chemists, “Do like you ought, pour the acid in the water”. Remember it! Last, let the water evaporate leaving the black gold residue.

Shutting the system down

If you discontinue running the system for any length of time, take an extended break, need to do some chores or whatever, it is quite simple to shut the system down. To do so, simply unplug the battery charger, and remove the positive and negative leads from the anode and cathode. Next, remove the cathode jumper wire, and place it in a storage container of some sort where it will stay dry. Finally, remove the cathodes and anode basket. Place them in some sort of container large enough to submerge them completely in plain tap water. Do not store them in the rinse water container. Cover the Pyrex bake ware dish and electrolyte with it’s lid, and walk away. When you wish to start-up again, just reverse the process, remove from the rinse water and thoroughly dry the cathodes and anode basket, re-assemble and the process is ready to go again.


If you are going to market your gold to a refinery, they will melt, homogenized, and assay your gold, paying you accordingly. You can only expect to receive about 95-percent of the gold value, but you get your money fairly fast. Gold recovered from gold-plated electronics is usually around 18k; however with the reverse electroplating gold recovery system the gold recovered is usually 98/99% pure.

A complete guide to reverse electroplating provides top secret information that only the master chemist hold. Removing gold form items can be a hobby or small scale recycling operation or business. First obtain the minimum materials to operate, and the production of.999 karat gold recovery from your gold plated scrap stock can be a way to obtain real gold for financial purposes.

Flexible Job Ideas For Working Mums

Dog watching

There is the possibility to find a way to watch over the dogs of other pet lovers who need help. There are many websites online and the UK that deal with organizing this type of pet care and house care as well, so you would still have the potential to take care of this and earn some money in the process.

House clearance

Not the most glamorous job on the market, but it happens to be present at all times no matter where you live and the need for it is always there. Housekeeping jobs can be found with a number of reliable clearance companies, as well as around the world, so the end results are always the same: you get a decent chance to make money domestic clearance, garden clearance or flat clearance.

Odd jobs and running errands

There are a number of classifieds websites that offer the chance to connect you to people who need all manner of odd jobs who need doing. There are websites dedicated to such jobs that help provide payment upon completion of the task at hand, acting for bids on certain jobs and more. From handling grocery shopping to other tasks someone else can’t do, you will have a chance to work these and get paid for them.


There is a great opportunity to make some pretty good money if you have a teaching background. Simply helping with homework or doing group homework session with a number of kids can be a great way to make it, especially since this is a job you can easily work on while your baby sleeps. You can even pay for a babysitter to take care of your child while at the same time you still make enough per hour to offset the expense.

Being a secret shopper

Since big companies often need real consumers to walk into a store to check the way their products are being displayed, as well as seeing the quality of customer care, you will get a good chance to make some money in the process. There are apps for that so you can get in touch and organized to find the necessary jobs.

Technical and office work

If you happen to have good skills at data entry, office skills, Photoshop and so on, then you will have a really nice chance to make it count. Work from home for offices has never been easier in the information age, so you would stand to gain a lot by finding a job of this kind so you can make money without fail.

SWOT Analysis of Nike

Nike, Inc. has set extraordinary superiority criterions for athletic footwear and apparel globally. Catering men, women and kids, Nike grosses a substantial revenue. With remarkable strategies, this company has successfully earned its place in the global market. For auxiliary amplification, below are assessed SWOT analysis:


This globally recognized brand has certain hard core strengths. It’s exceptionally competitive image and can do approach entices the customers all around the world. The most popular tagline of “Just Do It”, represents not only the brand but also its customers. The slogan synchronizes with the company’s vision of brand personifying with that of athletes. Nike’s iconic “Swoosh” symbol has gained world recognition especially amongst youth. The company saves higher labor costs by outsourcing the company’s manufacturing sector. Hence, it does not own any manufacturing outlet. By outsourcing the production aspects of the company, Nike saves the higher labor costs. The research and development sector of Nike is much pronounced.


Nike focuses less on the selling of supplementary performance products. Though company generates hefty revenues from the footwear division, it is not sagacious to be contingent highly on one in particular for the endurance of business. Nike needs to upsurge its horizons horizontally and vertically to diversify its business. It should pay some focus on the apparel and other accessories as it is a standard business practice. Nike is thoroughly criticize over labor conditions includes ‘child labor’ and ‘low wage’ in countries outsourced. Burlesqued of abhorrent conditions of labor, triggered decline in sales.


For global companies, the emerging markets generate substantial prospects. Rapidly growing economies like India, China and Brazil are potential markets. Though Nike has already made a presence in these developing countries for future earnings growth, it needs to calibrate its product portfolio according to the predilections and perceptions of the region. Innovative products should be designed with in-depth research and development. The company can diversify latest product range with the amalgamation of technologies.


Nike has numerous competitors in athletic footwear and apparel. “Puma” and “Adidas “are the 2 global competing giants. These companies have extraordinary range of products in the market and are popular. Technological advancements and consumer preferences are also the risk factors for Nike. With high completion level, Nike has to cope the changing trends to successfully attract their customers. Being a global company, Nike also faces currency fluctuations significantly. The risk factors for company gets high when the value of dollar increases.

Overall, the global footwear market is subjugated by Nike. Association with premium quality, resilience, endurance and fitness makes it the first choice for millions.

I am Smith Baker. I maintain corporate blog updates. Professionally, I have amassed a considerable amount of experience with positions ranging from accounting, web research and editing. I have a wide experience of writing academic content. In this article, I have Shared my Knowledge on Nike .