7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have a Blog

Every business should have a blog. Here are 7 reasons why:

  1. Create more leads – Customers will feel better about your business after reading content on your website and blog. The more relevant content you post on it, the more leads you will create.
  2. Content can be easily shared – You will have content readily available that both you and your customers can easily share on social media and link back to your site. This automatically helps with your Search Engine Optimization as well.
  3. SEO – There is no point in having an amazing website if no one can find it. By regularly posting content on your blog, you will start generating organic traffic and improve your search engine ranking.
  4. Build a relationship with your customers – Ties to reason #1 as customers seeking information will feel comfortable getting it directly from your blog. They appreciate the fact that not only are you selling the product or service but also informing them about it. Plus, what better place to get feedback and communicate with your clients than your online home base? Facebook and Twitter comments will come and go, website interaction is more permanent.
  5. People are running the show – One of our favorite reasons for having a blog is because it shows your personal touch of business. Show your customers there are real people behind the scenes and increase their trust in you. It is human nature to like a personal touch, for example addressing each person by their name rather than sending automatic replies to all emails etc.
  6. Blogs are cost-effective – While it will cost you next to nothing to start a blog for your business, your blog will become a huge asset as each and every single post adds up to the initial value. You will not regret this decision on the long run.
  7. Establish yourself as an industry expert – If you are consistently creating content that your customers find helpful, you will establish yourself as an authority in their eyes.

While it may seem that blogging does not have an immediate impact on your business, it does have long term benefits from generating traffic to promoting goodwill with customers and prospects. Yes, it takes some time and effort but the overall benefits are well worth it.